Ginc Ziverts

I consider myself an entrepreneur and a creative with marketing, data and technology skills.

   I'm a guy who loves to hack everything I do, starting from my mind and body to reaching highest professional performance.
    I consider myself an entrepreneur and a creative with marketing data and technology skills. Passion for design and UX has grown into a profession, creating user experience flow, app frameworks, the Web and graphic design for various projects over eight years. Interest in consumer behaviour and user data has led me to work in marketing and advertising where my aim has always been to design not just ads but contribute to creating a better experience for users. To do that I learned how it all worked from the back-end and became familiar with the newest technologies in Web to be among first to employ them. I firmly believe that when creative ideas and marketing data inform one another, businesses build the types of customer experiences needed to excel in today’s markets.
     Love for art and expression in photography allows me to experience another side of the creative field where I can express myself differently and expand my horizons.
Since I was 17, I have lived and travelled all over Asia and Europe. Living abroad and mingling with different cultures is what inspires and fulfils me, it's in my blood.

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